Brother SE400

Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Brother SE400 Machine


The Brother SE400 has 5 monogramming fonts, 70 built-in embroidery designs, 120 frame pattern combinations, USB cable and port that easily connects to your computer in order to import additional designs, 4×4 inch maximum embroidery zone, 67 pitched sewing stitches that contain 10 styles of one-step automated buttonholes, and much more functions you can learn about below.

The Brother SE400 is an exclusive compact machine that fulfills complex functions of the sewing machine of an intermediate level and embroidery machine of a primary level. Being partially a sewing machine, it accomplishes all the usual sewing functions, such as mending, alterations, quilting, craft and heirloom sewing, garment construction and contains special stitches that support every single function. Being partially embroidery machine, it embroiders monograms, designs, appliqués, fonts, and borders. It’s easy to change from embroidery to sewing and back again. You just shift the embroidery arm on and off, change the presser foot, thread, needle and you’re ready to work. A combination machine is ideal for you if you don’t have much space to set up and store two separate machines. Or in case you want to upgrade your old machine or get new sewing and embroidery machines.

brotherse400Simple-in-Use Touch Screen Controls

A convenient LCD touch-screen allows you to keep embroidery and sewing functions under thorough control. You can either use the included stylus or touch the icons with fingers. One of the reasons I selected Brother was the fact that I had no idea how to hook the machine up to the computer to embroider. And this feature is controlled here with the front screen and built-in software.

Embroidery Functions

I can assume that you need embroidery as if you only wish a sewing machine, and then the Brother SE400 is not a solution for you. There is a great range of other sewing machines to select from, and you’ll save more money if you purchase a dedicated sewing machine. Thus, first I’ll run through the embroidery features and in a minute I will cover the sewing side of this exclusive machine.

Maximum Embroidery Area of 4 Inch x 4 Inch

The Brother SE400 includes an embroidery frame equal to 4 inches by 4 inches. This means that the size of the maximum design you can stitch at a time is around 3.875 x 3.875 inches since there has to be space inside the hoop that allows the embroidery foot to move. Once you wish to stitch a bigger design you can either split it with the help of software and then stitch the parts separately, or build up the image from smaller pieces by moving the hoop. The optional big multi-position hoop significantly eases the task.

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USB Port to Download Designs

Irrespective of the number of built-in embroidery patterns the machine has, you’re going to wish something different soon. Probably, you’ll have some particular ideas in mind for a unique project. One of the most significant features to think over when you’re in search of an embroidery machine is the way you can add extra designs into the machine. This innovative sewing and embroidery machine the Brother SE400 is equipped with a USB port for convenient transfer of your designs from the computer to your machine. Simply connect the SE400 to the computer using the included USB cable and receive your designs on the machine fast and easy. Besides, you can transfer designs from the Internet, CDs, etc. with a simple drag and drop or copy and paste. No special software is required. It works with both Apple and Windows using usual computer

Card Slot of the Embroidery

In addition to all the other functions and features, the Brother SE400 also contains a card slot aimed at reading embroidery designs from special Brother Embroidery cards. It provides you with an opportunity to use dozens of extra Brother Embroidery designs, such as licensed Disney characters and the Nickelodeon Collection.

70 Built-In Embroidery Styles

The Brother SE400 has 70 built-in embroidery styles including scrolls, capital script letters, flowers, holiday motifs, and animals. You can select the desired design with the help of the LCD touchscreen and receive a detailed guide through stitching. When it’s necessary to change colors, the machine will stop and inform you about this. There are basic designs to start with, but you may not like them. Remember that you can download other styles in a few minutes.  

So Many Possibilities and Still So Easy To Use

Interactive and intuitive the Brother SE400 is an exclusive machine with the backlit, large, touch-screen control. It’s so simple in operating and understanding. You just find all the patterns of that LCD screen. You pick one and the machine shows you all the various colors you need so you can line them up in advance.